D3A Group LLC - Your Sourcing Partner

What’s up guys. My name is Endri and in this video I would like to introduce you to our company.

How many of you wanted to import from China but didn’t know where to start, how and where to find what your were looking for or had problems in communications? We can help you with that in English, Albanian, Italian and Turkish. How many of you got disappointed when getting your products after ordering from online platforms like Alibaba, Aliexpress or others?

We do quality checks and inspections so you get exactly what you ordered. Should I ask how many of you got scammed and lost a lot of money while trying to buy your products?

We are a western company, legally registered in US, China and Albania aiming in building long term business relations. We help businesses from all over the world to import products from China, offering product sourcing, contact factories, price negotiations, quality control and all the necessary documents for you to import from China. We offer product sourcing, custom label and packaging for Amazon FBA and Fulfillment for Wholesale and Dropshipping. We help with logistics and shipping, finding the best way to bring products to you. For more informations you can visit our website or contact us via e-mail or whatsapp.

Website d3a.co e-mail contact@d3a.co 

WhatsApp +14125335366 (USA) +8613263491105 (China) +355692056803 (Albania)